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YogaClub: My First Subscription Box Experience

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

We've all seen the hype around subscription boxes. There are a million different kinds out there - boxes for skincare, boxes for clothing, even boxes for cat lovers - but I've been hesitant to try them out purely because I LOVE SHOPPING and picking out my own items! I also tend to shop on a piece-by-piece basis, meaning I go shopping for specific items to create an outfit I already have planned in my head. Sometimes this is fine, but other times it means my wardrobe is seriously lacking in the "outfits I actually need" category. When YogaClub reached out to me, I thought it was a great opportunity for two things: 1. Try a subscription service, and 2. Get a full outfit I know I'll actually get a lot of use out of.

First off, let me tell you I was not excited about taking a long, tedious style quiz. My style is sometimes a little all over the place and in the past when I've taken quizzes (mostly Facebook, "What type of flower are you?" type quizzes. Wow, that's way more embarrassing to admit than I thought it would be...) my result never quite seems to fit. I attribute this to me being a Gemini and also a hot mess.

With that said, this quiz was NOT like the other quizzes. It was fun, it was quick, and it asked me all the questions that I felt were actually important when nailing down my style. It also asked me what kind of activities I plan to do in my activewear, and although "Go to Target while drinking a venti Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew" was not an option, there were other options that applied to me like traveling and going on walks. I finished it feeling like I maybe might get an outfit I actually like.

When I received my box, I was nervous. This is a YOGA box, after all. What if they gave me a crop top and bright pink capri leggings?! (Nothing against those - lots of people can rock them. They're just not for me). I was pleased to find not one, but TWO black items, and one pair of black/gray ombre leggings. Anything black immediately gets my approval, obviously. The sports bra has strappy detail in the back that I love, and the tank is open in the back so you can see said strappy detail. This outfit is so ON POINT you guys! I am thrilled.

I also was a little worried about sizing. Ask anyone who shops in the plus-size department and we'll tell you sizing is all. over. the. map. Every store and brand is different, and of course there's always the, "What if it doesn't fit me?" worry. Luckily, my style quiz really zeroed in on my size and they totally nailed it. Everything fits perfectly and - even more importantly - it fits comfortably.

I wore the outfit on my recent flight to Portland, and I packed another outfit in my carry-on assuming I would want to change as soon as we got to the hotel, but to my surprise I had no desire to take these clothes off. None what-so-ever. I wore them all day while we were apartment hunting and never have I been more comfortable. I can't wait to wear them to do actual, you know, yoga. Or not.

My experience with Yoga Box has been great, and I'm thrilled to share them with you since they now offer sizes 1x-3x! While there are several plus-size subscription boxes out there, this is the only one I know of specifically for activewear that offers my size. I'm grateful to them for being inclusive, and I seriously can't wait to get my next box.

If you're hesitant to try a subscription box like I was, let me sweeten the deal for you. Use my code RAES20 for an extra $20 off FOR LIFE! I promise, you will not regret trying this box.

If you've tried it or any other subscription boxes you love, let me know! I'd love to see what you've gotten.

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