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Visiting Oregon to check out the Green

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

No, I'm talking about the actual trees... C'mon guys.

But on the real, Jim and I recently took a trip to the good ol' City of Roses for some much needed couple time, and found all the fall vibes we didn't know we needed. It was pretty cold while we were there - in the 50's during the day - but there was still some beautiful fall color. It was the perfect little getaway.

While I was there, I took the opportunity to delve into the collection of new sweaters I've purchased in anticipation of it someday getting cool enough here for me to wear them. First up, and my personal favorite, is this beauty from SheIn.

Get it here.

Similar, straight size item here.

If you don't have a sweater with pearl embellishments this season, what are you even doing?! Trust me, you need this in your life. When I wore it for the first time back at home, Rae immediately touched every. single. pearl. then proceeded to ask me if she can, "Have this sweater when she grows up." My dear, if this $20 sweater lasts long enough for you to wear it when you grow up, then yes absolutely. Also, if that happens, you can catch me buying SheIn stocks because that's impressive.

I paired it with a bucket hat, because, well, it's Portland. I figured I needed something... ahem, alternative. It was absolutely the greatest hat-related purchase I've made in a long time. I love the contrast of the masculine print with the femininity of the pearls. My general rule of thumb is to take your, "Good," outfit, and add something unexpected at the last minute. This hat was my something unexpected.

Get the hat here.

Similar jeans - Plus size

Similar jeans - Straight size

The jeans were an ASOS purchase from a long time ago, and they continue to be one of my favorites.

I knew I needed to get a pair of white boots when they started popping up everywhere earlier this spring. However - I totally missed the bandwagon over the summer and thought I had missed my chance as we came up to Labor Day. Lucky for me, the trend has stuck around and I got a second chance to jump on. These ones from Target blew my mind with the stud detail and crisp toe. I've gotten so many complements on them! They are sold out, but I've found a similar pair at a similar price here.

I love a good black crossbody, and this one is my go-to, especially for traveling. It's super old from Nordstrom BP, but it's sturdy and the rounded flap creates interest. It was fairly cheap, and I'm sure you could find another one in stock right now. BUT, if you were say, my husband, and you wanted to get me a REALLY good Christmas gift that I would use ALL THE TIME, you would buy me this bag, because this bag is just like the one I have but even BETTER. It's absolutely everything and everyone needs one in their lives. Thanks, babe.

I'll be sharing a few more outfits from Portland in the coming days (lets' be real... probably weeks), so check in when you can!


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