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TGFT (Thank God For Target)

If you read my last blog post, you know that I found myself on a trip to Vegas with nothing but a pair of white, Converse High Tops because I packed in a hurry and forgot all my shoes except the one pair I was wearing.

Well, wouldn't you know, once I got there and unpacked I realized I also forgot the outfit I had planned to shoot. Luckily, they have Target in Nevada (lol), so to Target I went. I found the PERFECT dress on the clearance rack for $8. YES, $8. After I found the dress, I realized I only had 15 minutes till I had to leave so I ran around the store frantically grabbing every jacket in my size. I settled on this burnt orange, corduroy jacket. I never thought I'd like orange, I used to hate it, but this year I am SO into it. The burnt orange with the texture of the corduroy is just perfection. We went back to Zzyxz Road for this shoot, because it was so scenic I knew it would be a great spot. The sun dipped behind the mountain after about 5 photos, but it was still so gorgeous out there. The best part of this outfit? It goes with my converse.

Glasses: H&M

Dress & Jacket: Target (duh)

Shoes: Wait for it... Converse.

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