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Dessert Goals LA

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting Dessert Goals, a dessert festival that occurs in both NYC and LA every year. It was a total spontaneous ticket purchase. My coworker and fellow blogger told me she planned to go and the tickets were $17... Add on to that the fact that the theme was Moon & Stars, and I was SO in.

Horoscopes are my thing. It's only logical that something as huge as the cosmos would have an effect on our personalities, our lives, our decisions... right?!

Ok, so maybe I'm not 100% sold on Astrology, because it's a pseudo-science and until I can see some real proof I'm not convinced. BUT I still love it and love to analyze people's personality types and how they align with their signs. It might not be a real science but I still dig it.

I'm a Gemini (Taurus cusp... but mostly a Gemini). Hence the back & forth yammering in the paragraph above about whether or not I actually believe in it, ha. Perfect example. I often find myself being indecisive because I see both sides of an argument. Some people think we Geminis are two faced, but really we just find it easy to look at a situation from multiple sides and we are frequently swayed in one direction or another by whoever we are talking to at that moment.

We're also communication queens.

ANYWAYS, back to the desserts.

Everything about this event was so cute you guys. From the space - Cooper Design Space, in LA - to the decor, to the photo ops. The space had this old, LA loft feel with gorgeous windows around 3 sides of the building. Our entry time was 3:50PM, so the lighting was perfection. When we first got off the elevator, we were greeted by beautiful hanging decor. Moon and star shapes, of course.

In the center of the room was a cluster of vendors. We were immediately offered a sample of some kind of phenomenal cookie creation from Kape Republik, which was delish. They incorporated the theme by adding the cutest little star sprinkles. I don't know if the purple and green colors were just for this event or if their pastries are always those colors, but it went with the theme perfectly and I loved it.

There was also a vendor who makes organic lollipops with biodegradable sticks that you plant after you finish the lollipop and it grows herbs. Um hello?! Amazing! I didn't take a photo of her set up but you can check out her website at amborellaorganics.com.

My favorite interpretation of the theme was from Twisted for Sugar, which makes cotton candy in out-of-this-world flavors (see what I did there?). They used a black sugar to make horoscope designs on the cotton candy that they spun right in front of us. I really wanted to try the horchata flavor but had to share with my girl and she's less adventurous than I, so we got Watermelon. It did not disappoint - it was BRIGHT pink. Oh, it tasted good too. Priorities ha.

Please don't mind my kid's hair... this heat does not do her any favors. It was also a good joke that I got the Gemini sign, knowing full well I should be getting a Taurus sign because she would be the one eating most of it. But you know, you have to do some things for yourself sometimes, right? #momlife

PS: How amazing are her ombre leggings?! I got them specifically for this event and they were perfect. They even have little studs that remind me of stars. My good friend, Natasha, somehow manages to make these amazing art-leggings while also juggling a toddler and a newborn. You can check out what else she makes at fiercechaosapparel.bigcartel.com.

Back to the dessert. When I finally did get something for myself, it had to be rolled ice cream from Chelo Creamery. I'll be honest, I stalked the full list of vendors on the Dessert Goals website the day before the event and decided if I had to have ONE thing, it was Chelo. I ordered the Okinawa, which was Green Coconut flavored ice cream with poppy seeds mixed in, and whipped cream, plum powder and a cherry on top with a little umbrella. Yes to all of that, right?

It was really good but, SURPRISE, it wasn't really for me (again) because my kid ate 90% of it. Lol, so funny. Not.

Right about the time that I (read: Raegan) was finishing that treat, there was an announcement that we had 30 minutes left, so we high-tailed it to the Instagram Garden, which was a collection of amazing photo ops. One featured poofy clouds hanging from the ceiling, but that one had the longest line and with a sugared-up toddler it wasn't going to happen. I did manage to get a couple cute pictures elsewhere, though.

A grand total of one good picture with my kid. But what did I expect - I literally brought her into a giant room of sugar then wanted her to stand still for pictures? Yeah, no.

When I heard that the theme was Moon & Stars and that pastels and pretty patterns were encouraged, I immediately thought of some pants my sister purchased a few weeks ago from Target. I hunted them down in my size, and they were perfect. They're also now the brightest item in my closet since most of my wardrobe is black and gray, but I intend to get a lot of use out of them this summer. They're super airy and light. They're also really long on me, since I'm 5'3", but these old Jeffrey Campbell platform sneakers did the trick and kept me comfortable. I'm also obsessed with the pink tassel earrings I picked up at H&M, but didn't get a good picture of them.

When we left, we had a ticket for a free mochi from a little stand in the foyer of the building. It was the perfect thing to keep us cool while we walked to the car. Such a nice little touch!

If you guys ever get the chance to go to this event, I definitely recommend! It wasn't too long, had a good selection, and everyone was super friendly. Not to mention tickets are really reasonable and the venue is gorgeous. You can check out the full list of vendors on the event Instagram - @omgdessertgoals. Go take a look for some seriously drool-worthy pictures.

If you made it this far - hey, thanks for sticking with me and reading my whole, entire, first blog post. Which of the desserts I mentioned would you get? I'll be returning to Chelo Creamery, for sure.

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